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of review, the board shall use in deciding a case such as this, shall only be in the case of error or abuse of the zoning administrator. that has not been shown. all of the technical procedures were followed correctly as will be corroborated by the zoning administrator's testimony. i will not bother reading the five procedures that everything went through. >> just an over review. >> pardon me? >> are you, confused? >> the sole reason for the appellant's case is that they are not happy with the out come of the discretionary hearing and the wish to further impede the building process. the appellant's brief provides no new evidence and does not attempt to justify any zoning error or abuse of discretionary power. >> you should focus your comments on the denovo review. >> it means that we are hearing it fresh, it applies to the zoning determinations and which there is not. >> it is a building permit. >> i understand. >> so, i guess that i am not quite prepared. i will pull out my file on the, which you probably have a copy of that i attached which was the discretion review hearing. and the point
what oversight will be put into view to see that the funds are used wisely. the case from the attorneys and the support staff prosecuting violence in this city are are you able so long as they stay hi high. those kinds loads are we hope short time. i think the peculiar the finance committee did in making the changes necessary to appropriate the amount to the district attorney's office during the budget and finance committee was priority because based on the need what was being recommended to us is appropriate. as well as the information that is of the appropriation going to the status of women was carefully vetted and discussed and i am comfortable in moving this item forward and looking forward to moving another project forward that talks about the additional appropriation and i wait for this this to be returned to the board and supervisor yee >> thank you. i also want to thank the community for actually help with this issue. and i guess one of the comments i want to make and i'll be sporting as it is sent back to committee. as i'm listening i understand the statute of woman support
to help us get to the needed levels. the increases that we are looking at are largely associated with the labor and negotiations that took place last year and the contracts that are in place for the next couple of years. so those are going to increase our salary and fringe benefit cost to a certain degree and we know last year at this time we discussed reducing the city order and we brought it down to $180,000 to $130,000 and we talked about reducing it further going forward to $120,000. at this point i am not going to recommend that we any lower than we are now. we had a work order with the city attorney for the last five years and the utilization has fluctuated over the last five years and that has depended on a lot of factors and it has to do with the caseload and the volume of the cases and the length of board meetings and the hours that the city attorney has to sit with us and the complexity and uniqueness of the cases and the number of new board members that come on and increase of on boarding those members and also changes in the deputies that we see. so, it seems to me th
under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all >> please advise that the ringing of and use of pagers and cell phones are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order the person to be roechd from this meeting for using those advised. the public has up to 3 minutes on each agenda item. >> good afternoon, members of the public thank you for joining us today, i have a short report. the first is to mention publically that the fish man's chapel is going to be open to the public an select days at select times on monldz and friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. historically it's been by appointment only it's meant to be a transcribe button to the fishermen who have been lost at sea and to the pedicab who have contributed to our place. we get a lot of out of town visits and by pure open hours it will be open to the public expect on mondays and fridays for holidays. the chapel is looking for volunteers so if you are wanting to volunteer please let us know. also speaking of fish man's waver our women jackie douglas has been inducted into the hall of fame. and to be
for the rate payers. there's no cost difference between what shell has given us for the no-power price and what we would be able to do with our own hetchy power during the january to june runoff, firmed up, plus the market power rates. and, so, that was one key finding. in addition to that -- >> sorry, i just want to understand that. there was no price difference? >> there was no -- there was no significant projected savings. and, in fact, it came out once we firmed it, the firming costs and the shaping costs was about a dollar -- about a penny-43. while we started out with hetchy power being affordable, by the time you formed and shaped it, it was very close to what shell was giving us as a market price for the no power or market power. >> so, why, why wouldn't we go this way? >> it's a policy choice. one of the policy choices would be if we choose to go this way, which is a right answer, it does, however, then tie up 30 megawatts that you average generation that you wouldn't be able to sell to hunters point shipyard phase 2, or park merced, or transbay tower, or some other higher revenue payi
in developing standards of practice and documents, honestly the design team is essentially obligated to use as well as the rva team has come into existence, why? why do they continue to evolve? that is simple. they keep current. and we all know that we have ages around the world who we pay the tax dollars for to collect information. >> protective design strategies are enhanced and we need to learn from lessons, what structural engineers and what architects have done on projects to make them safer? you heard him say that in 08 and 09 we were in a conceptual phase and into a schemeatic phase in 2009 and ten. and as the design has emerged so has the information and intelligence and opportunity for the building and protective design standpoint. there are many other guidelines other than the ones that i mentioned, which get updated almost every year and i listed some of them there, and the building infrastructure and the criteria for creation of buildings without counter terrorism and federal management documents 426 and 452, these are like the tax code, but if you read them and you are obligate
are we looking at? you'll be able to chart out a much better synopsis using the in-depth numbers out of the survey. thank you. >> the pollsters are making a lot of money on it. >>> correct. >> the other question i have, however, is before we get to mr. brooks is, who is in charge -- who is overseeing the pollster here, you are? >> yes, together with agm ellis' staff. >> are they doing focus groups? >> focus group efforts were done previously. >> what town? >> what we're doing now is city-wide survey poll. >> there are so many recent complications and so much new information that i think it would be helpful at some point to get some focus group information in terms of what -- ms. ellis is nodding yes? >> [inaudible]. yes. >> so, you talked about doing the focus group and you intend to do some focus group? >> right, with particular customer segments and in particular with the low end customer segment. * groups >> right. i think you'll find, you'll find some very relevant answers. >> yes. we're also anticipating that -- [multiple voices] >> a good group to do focus group work with as o
indicator we use is the annual revenues that has been hoover over 4 percent. the bigger story is we've got one account that repeals half of the out standing amount and once we're able to resolve that the delinquent rate will drop. now predictably we lost money in the industrial space storage facilities and parking lot this was due to the america's cup project as well as the displacement where the crews ship term is being built. we need the city to rehe bureaus us dues to some complications has not generated revenue for us however, we're expecting a revenue reimburse time. a lot of those costs have been offset by parking lot meter funds >> good afternoon commissioner this is marilyn i'm from the medical examiner division financial analysts. on the maritime does the revenue is up by 21.4 percent. and it's from two sectors cargo. and by construction projects. and a one time shift from payment from the economy and taxes increase. on ship repair activity is up assault of drudging the basin completed in 2011 it allows bigger ships to come into the yard for bigger projects. port wide revenue is
plan will be. >> once they understand what their use is that will drive the kind of repair they want to make. changes and use also triggers seismic code. it could kick a cost into a need. additionally there's some piers that the seismic work may not be done that maybe triggered by code >> i guess i was getting more into the weeds in terms of when we start a project is there too months to get a sense or is it two or 3 months to get an idea of when we sort of figure out when this will be. >> almost any structure is going to trigger seismic but it is going to be a certain weight and then how much of seismic is going to be triggered and what does that mean and what does that cost. that third step is the hardest it happened with pier one. almost invariable when we change use we have changes but the codes may not have been met. it's very if i but we want to know if that's going to be triggered or not >> do we get 6 months to a year to start figuring out the allocations that's what i want to know how far in advance will we need to make the adjustment. >> it is designed not to trigger se
the reappointment of that person. i want you to understand there is education need for the supervisors to take us into consideration. your advisors to the mayor so you could say "how many are you appointing? why isn't there somebody on the planning commission that is knowledgeable about senior and disability needs? why aren't there someone on the human rights commission?" shocked us to hear there was somebody -- not everybody here understand or worked well with but that person has since left human rights. there are commissions we have understandably a vested interest if not even a formal seat so you can talk to the mayor. what are you doing? as well as talk to your district supervisor. what candidates are you trying to get on the different commissions and boards that the supervisor's appoint? thank you. >> thank you. donna. >> [inaudible] >> oh okay. okay. so we're going to close that part -- no, not yet. this is for that teen. is there any more public comment for this particular item? this item, i mean. sorry. >> yes. about physical assets. my name is larry edman juice. i live in
to everyone's attention that this year is also a very important year for us in san francisco unified school district. as our early education department is celebrating its 70th anniversary. and this is incredible on a number of fronts, where we see school districts across the country that are doing away with the early childhood programs in san francisco, we have continued to invest and we see it in early in the childhood program. if you think back we are in the throws of world war ii and parents were off to factories to fight in the war and this community made a commitment to the youngest citizens that they would be safe while everyone threw themselves into the war effort. we have evolved into one of the finest education programs not only in california but in the nations. i would like to congratulate, everyone administrators and everyone that has been involved in the 70 years of the unified san francisco school district. congratulations [ applause ] . >> and lastly, i would also like to on behalf of all of the students in the community in san francisco, extend my heart-felt condolences to th
always use for hope advocating for that and to that end we are advocating very hard. to your point also not being able to get on with the maritime. oftentimes it's the peapron. whether it's a public works project we are building those and we know there's demand. to that end i want to deliver the point that pier 17 was rebuilt and now the south side of 15 so those will be coming online >> obviously we're trying to figure out the next step. it sound we've got some new issues and i would ask that it's going to be sort of your new forecast. do you think when you come back next time are you going to have the rate of the issues of financing are we going to find ourselves with double financing issues >> i think we've got everything studied and we've got a rapid - we've got a very good handle on our port out lines including the yellow and red tags. the red tags could collapse we're going to increase our inspections. we would retag them and move on them to get the full facilities assessed. we're going to go back and look at those every 6 months or so and is if there's any imminent collapsing t
not on issues in front of us. >> i'm sorry. and now that i want to commit on a family as they mourn the passing of they've over turning of a guilty verdict in their case >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is paul let brown. i'm here again, it's coming up open another year my son was murdered. 30s rounds of built left that gun and went into my son. i'm here and whatever i can be to bring awareness to members of homicide. my son is still gone. a lot of parents - i stand for a lot of parents who can't even do this. i will continue to do this. i'm in school now trying to get my alcoholic and other degrees. we're talking about trying to beware guns. our children are still dying, lying on the street and their blood going down the gutter. i'm tired of hearing about people's children getting murdered everyday. i relive this everyday and i walk out the door everyday looking at where my son laid. as i think about it i have to keep my son and other people's children in the public's eye. how long are we going to have to do this? this is my therapy and my strength. >> thank you any other membe
hope we're going back to blue and this was just a one-time thing. the last time we used yellow for the cover was when the commission sat in 1988 to consider the sales tax plan for transportation and it was a special color that we used just for that occasion because normally we use blue. >> i'm looking forward to red for valentine's day. >>> we already use pink for the minutes. >> we ran out of blue. >>> okay, and blue is very important to this agency, so, you know. >> i'm learning every day what's important to this agency. >>> interest you go. >> use red for the budget. >>> yes, the budget we don't want to be. my other comment was related to employee conduct. there was an article in yesterday's paper about employee conduct that's inappropriate and that staff is taking that very seriously. i believe that is true. i believe with an agency this big spread over as many counties that we are that it is entirely possible that people occasionally do the wrong thing. but i know that things are taken very seriously in hr and elsewhere within the organization where something is found, it
the carpenters for highlighting us in the january edition of the magazine. they have a really nice article in there about the transbay project and the importance of labor in their continued support to our project over many years, thank you very much for acknowledging us and the magazine. and in addition, board members, i did sign out a letter from anvill builders as you may recall. it is a company that we awarded a contract to in november of last year for 9, 250,000, million, and they sent a letter thanking us for all of the work that we are doing regarding minority owned business and i want to thank everyone because we are doing a good job in that area. in addition, i wanted to report that last saturday, there was a very tragic incident that occurred on third street where a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a cement truck. and i know that our chair person kim has been very concerned about traffic and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists which is busy in that area understandable because we have a lot of events and on that particular day was an appreciation day and so we have asked
of the award of 400 million under the program to allow us to construct the rail levels in phase one and it was a significant benefit to the program to allow us to mid gate both the risks of phase one, and face two construction of the transit center. to provide a rail-ready transit center to improve the ground floor design of the transit center by providing program space below grade where we could locate a number of utility and back of house programs freing up the ground level to more publicly, public programs and retail programs. and it also by funding the first phase of construction, allowed it more time for the land sale market in the bay area to recover, improving our financing picture in total for phase one. so, in may, 2010, the board adopted the revised base line budget incorporating the funding of 1589 billion. the revised base line budget included cost estimates based on our 50 percent designed development documents from pelly clark pelly and estimates compared from their consultants as well as the web corp and the additional that we received through value engineering and it
used for. let me be clear i'm not prejulian this situation we're only trying to gather the facts. i'm committed to providing more affordable housing. in december the maintenance mount released it's reported on the san francisco police department over the proceeding 5 years and it showed that the intersection of market and the other streets it has the highest collision of bicycles in the city and i've personality been involved in two. sadly they've had more than their fair share. it also has the highest collision situations near market. we can't just call this a job well done and move on. affordable housing and traps are vital events we have to have in this city - people are - to greatly improve their lives. i'm very pleased that the sheriff department was awarded a grant under little second chance acre cover program. it will give the sheriff's department around $600,000 for helping people with p t s c. this program will help us reduce depends on drugs. i ask my colleagues to join me to give the sheriff's the fund they need >> thank you, madam clerk. just a couple of comments. first
of us not reading briefs, and i just want to state we do take an oath when we agree to volunteer for this commission, and part of that oath includes the promise and the oath to be well prepared for all hearings and be ready to vote on all matters before us, so i personally take great offense at the accusation that any member of this board is not well prepared and has not put in hours upon hours to prepare for each and every matter before us. we are public servants here, and as a fellow former public servant i would think that mr. kopp would afford us that same presumption of competence and dedication to what we have taken on when we take an oath to do the work here, so i have not heard apart from making that very clears -- i have not heard anything that would sway me to vote to grant a rehearing in this case. there's no new material facts, nothing whatsoever presented to us that would make me vote to grant a rehearing. >> i'm in concurrence with that opinion. it is a narrow issue that is before us which is the zoning administrator determination. i have heard nothing that is ne
patience during this time and ask that you use the remaining entrances when visiting city hall. assistive listening devices are available and our meetings are captioned and agendas are available in large print and braille. please ask staff for additional assistance. to prevent interference with the sound system and help everyone focus on the presentations please turn off all owns and pda's or in vibrate mode. we welcome the public to comment. you may get a speaker card or please call us and you will be recognized. the meetings are the generally the third friday of month. to assist peoples with allergies, environmental illness or related disabilities please refrain from swearing scented products or when visiting the mayor's office disability office. thank you for helping us to provide meetings that are fully accessible to all people with disabilities. our next meeting will be on march friday 15 from one to 4:00 p.m. here in city hall in room 400. please call the mayor's office for further information or tty4 one five-5554, 6799. or you may email us at modat sof .org and please sp
a terrific job for us coordinating this that the system isn't exactly accurate as there is no state registry for hand guns. and, so, it's only the hard file custodian of records for assault rifles that is really, really rock solid here in california. so, but as best we can, we follow-up on every lead that we get from the department of justice. and then i have captain o'leary who did a great job last week providing us with those numbers as far as officers, calls for service and we'll be comparing that one page that i promised you related to how we're doing with occ complaints in force in the police department versus actions taken. so, with that, i'm going to go to the next thing, which would be the officer involved shooting presentation solicited by commissioner chan, which will be sergeant krudo and his team. >> if i could just give a little intro here so i can explain why i asked for this. commissioner carmen and myself were meeting on this and asked for this early last fall, i believe. and the idea thats as we had our officer involved shooting process and the firearm discharge review proce
to be the leader in bicycling use >> thank you supervisor mar. i want to assure that the streets will save for all san franciscans especially for those who are on bicycle >> and this weekend i made my bicycle trip on the market south neighborhoods and i wanted to know first hand the use of bicycles in our cities. the capital improvement program represents all modes of travel in our city. so to look at just san francisco as a whole won't tell the whole story. recently, we applied for bicycles plans with the transportation authority. those 3 projects alone show improvements including millions of dollars in our bicycle network. i understand we applied for another million dollars for our city. those put together total millions of dollars in improvements and alternative the maintenance mount is projecting that their 5 year bicycling plan will increase of about 1 hundred and 18 percent. as you noted we have drafted the bicycle strategy and we know the improvement that are required to make san francisco a major city for bicycling identified in this strategy. lately i annunciated in my city address along
aggressive plan but it will take us to december of december 18 to get to full staffing. so, i think you know, last year with the mayor's help we were able to get a lot of money to get up to full staffing. but as you can see, what would have happened, the purple line indicates what would have happened had we not been funded for all these academy classes. so, you can see that there was a recognition by the mayor's office as well as others that we really did need to hire. it's also interesting to note that this summer in june of 13 we will be at 1644 is a pretty low number. so, the good news is that the hiring plan is going very well. we've been able to recruit a lot of people. so, our goal for each year is 150 recruits. and the 30 that you see in 2012-13 are additional 30 positionses that the airport is funding. so far we've hired 110 people and they're in process. we've had a class of laterals and two full academy classes. we plan to hire 20 laterals in april and another 50 recruits in may. and our recivilianization plan, essentially the concept is that throughout the years we have lost civil
for grace cathedral for welcoming us andel rio tonight will be tans adancing all night long and what better place to rise than at san francisco's beautiful city hall and to celebrate van tine's day on the steps with mayor lee and president chiu and all of the elect of the officials and leaders and jewelery and all of woman in ant violence leader whore here and add are doing this work everyday along side all of you need i thank san francisco for riding san francisco is a very special place to be. as executive director i now live here it's a very special place and she send her love today from the congo. i just spoke to her today before we came on. i want to personally thank every single person in the mayor's office in the d a's office in the department of commission of status of woman, every single agency that works on this issue everyday from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love and thank you as well you have made made this rising happen and every single unof you have and on that node, i would like to welcome mayor lee. thank you. (applause) . all right how are you all doing?
hurtado and darryl honda and ann lazarus is absent this evening and we have our staff joining us this evening. i am cynthia goldstein. i am the board's executive director and are joined with want dids that have cases before the board tonight. scott sanchez is here. john quan is here management of the public works. jarvis is here with taxis and municipal services and katherine markum is here from the san francisco police department department bureau. at this time if you could go over the meeting guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> the board requests that you turn off all phones and pagers. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board rules of presentation are as follows. each side has even minutes to present their case and people affiliated with the parties must be in this time and members of the public have three minutes to address the board but no rebuttals. to assist the members members are asked but not required to speaker card or business card to staff when you come up to the podium. speaker cards and pens are available on the left side of t
in the numbers. the process we've gone through in the last few days, there is a chart that wasn't with us today that -- there was a memo that we got from l. wine rob saying we take issue with these three numbers. my question back to him was, what are your three numbers that go with that? his answer was, i don't know. * we need to focus on what those numbers are, that if we agree on numbers, let's check them off and say, okay, that one is done. if there are numbers we don't agree on, it is a quantitative exercise. you can get there. even if you don't like each other. this is fine, folk. it works. so, i would just encourage that we focus on the objective. we get the concept. there is the old marketing thing about you bought the concept, now you have to buy the jeans. we're into buying the jeans phase. we got the concept. we need to be focused on objective analysis here and i think we can do that. and i think we'll all be better off if that was the focus. >> just one last thing. i just wanted to also say that as part of the survey, we are going to ask the question about local build out. are you wi
put it on those municipal buildings where it reduces the amount of energy use which reduce our loss. so, we're looking at balancing that versus go solar which you give rebates to private citizens. so, these are all the things that we're considering we need to talk with all stakeholders. >> what is the deadline to sunset on solar deductions? >> on the go solar sf program, it's currently concludes in 2018. >> i know you said 2018 for this program. i was referring to the state program in terms of -- >> there isn't a deadline for the california solar incentive. >> i thought -- so it's still in existence? >> it's still in existence. the dollar amount available ratchets down over time, but i don't believe it's projected to go to zero. >> okay. but pretty close? >> yeah. >> all right. commissioner vietor? >> i would be interested, since we are in the thick of the clean power sf conversations, to hear more specifically how this go solar program could be tied to go solar customers -- i mean, to clean power sf customers. and also some thoughts around kind of the marketing and framing and if t
secured -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. everything you're telling us is extremely important but you're speaking a little faster than the captioner can keep pace with. >> i'm sorry . that's my new york upbringing. well, if i don't -- generally i'm respective. i didn't see a timer there so i will sloaz down if that is okay. supervisor kim authored this and i think it's powerful because our office met with the coalition and met with advocacy groups and with city departments and we added a million dollars to the shelter system. this was the first time in years the mayor didn't submit a budget with cuts to this agency and credit to the mayor and the good times coming economically to the city and more slowly that we would like and in addition to that adding a million dollars to the shelter system was will absolutely essential because we have lost a lot of the case management. we lost those positions able to help people become independent, have access to permanent housing and we had difficulties with basic functions of safety and cleanliness in the shelters so this was a big improve
the number of issues that is before us, and therefore be able to not only take care of -- any substantive concerns in agreement with the appellant but allow the permit holder to correct any of the procedural issues that have been brought up-to-date. >> i view this -- the issue here -- i mean what has been presented and the testimony we received and particularly from planning is very troubling to me and seems to me this is exactly called out as the jurisdiction requester has call it out, the serial permitting problem, and i think that -- i think it's a catch me if you can situation, and oh you solve that problem. we will take a slerch hammer to it. gone like it wasn't an issue. these are sophisticated people and this is a problem. if you're so sophisticated and finding loopholes around the way everyone else is required to do it is deeply problematic to me and i am inclined to grant the request. if a continuous is preferred on the part of all parties i would go that route but i think everyone needs to delve in and if there is an environmental review that will happen anyway and i want gla
program because it is all completely automated and they use a debit card including our wheelchair customers we know who got into a vehicle, when they got into that vehicle and where they went and how much they paid for it. now we are able to track and we picked up 0 wheelchair customers or you picked up 54 wheelchair customer and now we can track that and this is one of the reasons that many in our industris that been afraid of that technology because now we are able to enforce the standards that were on the books before but no one was able to truly enforce without looking at the hand records that were produced by the driver themselves. >> what we want to do and demonstrate to our drivers and to our medallion holders is simply that, the days of simply driving and doing whatever you feel like are done. what we now want you to focus on is actually serving the public. no more coming in and say, well, it is so busy here, well it is not busy enough. now we are saying, no. now we know what you are doing. now we want you to track people. now we want you to pick them up. we know that you
interior only and no change of use, and the person's name was mcaretta 2, 16/12. i don't know what happened, or why they didn't continue with that. the subsequent permit was issued. and to comply with the notice of violation. i have the details of that. but i believe that it was in november, the 5th, it was a permit issued for a demo of interior walls and removing of the suspended ceiling to comply with the notice of violation and the future will be under separate permit. and that did not go through the planning department it does not need to go through the planning department. so it is a permit application, maybe he did come in. >> mr. duffy, this scope of work normally probably would have been an over the counter. >> it is the over the counter. i don't know why unless, you know, some people think that like he indicated that he needed to aggregate the demo work plus the new ti work. >> some people start with the demo department and we have seen that earlier tonight. but some people start with the smaller part and move to the bigger one and expedites the thing but we like them to get the pe
, is that right? >> absolutely, since the beginning of time. our soldiers used to skewer it on the swords. we have a combination of beef and lam and parsley. and every september over 2000 pounds of meat being cooked in three days. >> after all that savory protein, i was ready to check out the fresh veggie options. >> this is armenian cheat sheet. it's tomatos and mint and olive oil. that makes summer food. and what i'm doing is i'm putting some nutmeg. it is kind of like cream cheese. in armenia when they offer you food, you have to eat it. they would welcome you and food is very important for them. >> in every armenian community we feel like we're a "smallville"age and they come together to put on something like this. what i find really interesting about san francisco is the blends of armenia that come together. once they are here, the way people work together at any age, including our grandmothers, our grandfathers, skewering the meat, it's fun to see. fun to see everybody get together. >> we call it subarek. it's a cheese turn over if you want. we make the dough from scratch. we boil it like yo
and the permit holder, given the fact that he has a relatively small building, it is for his own use and that there has already been a bite taken out of it by the planning commission. >> >> okay. i have similar leaning. i have definite sympathies for the individuals and the people who reside in the stage house building. but i think that in this instance, i think that what was very lucidating to me was the comments of the zoning administrator and the visuals provided with respect to the actual impacts. i think that in reading the materials from the appellant's brief, i just disclosed it, and i actually read his briefs. and i was under a different impression and one that where the impact would be much more severe. so for those reasons and some of the reasons that commissioner fung stated my leanings are to uphold the permit. >> yeah. for me it is a little difficult case because of the fact for one i sympathize with any obstruction of this kind, especially in even if it does not directly block the sunlight, i think that there is going to be an impact so i am sympathetic to that. but wha
findings to come to a consensus regarding whether the use of lethal force was in policy, not in policy, or whether further investigation is required. and then the chair, which is again will look at the members of it, the d.c. admin will report the findings to the chief. the board is composed of the deputy chief administration who chairses it, the dc of operations, d.c. of special operations, excuse me, and the d.c. of the airport. and advisory members would be the police -- a police commissioner, the director of occ, the commanding officer of risk management, and the sfpd range master. the findings, as i mentioned before, the chief who reviews them. and if he concurses with the finding, the chief will work the recommendation of the fdrb to the police commission. if the chief does not concur, he would forward his own findings to the police commission. the way that is presented to the police commission is in writing. you've seen the fdrb letters. it's letter format, but it's in writing. it summarizes all the different components of the administrative -- administrative investigation, the
from a former supervisor? is it a balance license? what standard are we going to use? >> >> and that would be unfair to the public at a whole. >> do you have any -- >> i do and the issue is background check and you stated the primary reason it requires a valid id so you can do a background check and issue a license for fortuneteller. >> that's correct. that's one of the reasons. >> which makes infinite sense to me, so if a medical marijuana card issued by the state requires a background check to be issued wouldn't it be valid for your licensing purposes? >> that's a good question. a thorough and complete background check starts with knowing that your backgrounding the person who is applying for the permit. if that person's identity is something different the background check has no merit, so it's very important -- it wouldn't have any merit because you would be backgrounding somebody who is not the real person applying for the permit. what i am getting at is even if the state of california and i don't think they do a criminal background check. i don't know that for
. and we use the cars in this case. our chief investigator rolls out to every officer involved shooting and, so, the chief investigator has a car 24/7. the rest of the investigators rely on one -- the other car, and that car is used or the investigators to go out in field and also for our support staff to make deliveries and pick up deliveries from the hall of justice. so, in conclusion, without a budget augmentation for staff and replacing two object -- obsolete cars t would affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the office of com platev. and that conclude my report. >> thank you very much, commissioner de jesus. >> you're going to have to bear with me. i'm not really great at numbers. some numbers are jumping out at me. on page 2, it says on the first paragraph that with 16 investigators, the caseload would be 19 cases. but the occ is referring to fulfilling 17 of the investigators, i came up with 15. >> we do have 15 now. >> all right. and the question is how long have you had 15 or 16 or whatever it is? >> how long have we had -- >> yes, how long has it been vacant? you said you ha
as quickly as possible. so, please keep us informed on what's happening. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. any other questions on this item? other commission business, item number 6? there being none, now we go to the long awaited report of the general manager. >> well, first i would like to recognize a very close friend of mine, a person who calls me in the morning or late at night to give me heads up about what's going on in the community. [laughter] >> and she's -- i've been knowing her for a very long time and she's been very instrumental in my life. i would like to call up dr. espinola jackson up here. (applause) >> she recently had a birthday party at her second home, the southeast community center, and it was hundreds of people there, several hundred because people -- she had it from 3:00 to 8:00. i brought the whole family. we had an opportunity to take a photo op with her, and i will be selling that on ebay. [laughter] >> but it was amazing program. it was well attended. it gave me opportunity to connect with a lot of people i haven't seen in a long ti
and then they will collect them. if you would be patient with us. >> yes councilmembers. we do have a winner and that is adele wilson. [applause] >> yes. we did have a winner. thank you very much. okay. let's move on with agenda item -- oh we have to go back. i forgot. i am new at this. please forgive me. i will get better as i go on. thank you guys very much. thank you to everyone here who voted, and i hope that i do you proud. thank you. next we have information team number seven, seniors and disability action empowering and organizing people with disabilities by jessica. jessica could you please say your last name? i don't want to mess it up. thank you. >> can you hear me from here? >> yes. >> my last name is lehman. jessica lehman. thank you. hello councilmembers. thank you so much for having us here today and congratulations to our new chair. >> thank you very much. >> okay. let me know if the sound is okay. is that close enough? okay. great. so i understand we have about 10 minutes. is that right? >> yes. >> okay. i'm going to try to take about just five minutes of o
to have a great time. and we have three days of them and 362 days of everybody else using the park. ♪ ♪ >> this is the fifth year of our partnership with another planet entertainment, where another planet puts on probably the greatest music festival in america for three days here in golden gate park. >> we work with them a lot to prevent and not have any problems. and what we have done with them is have roads built and have pieces under whatever equipment is parked. they do all of that. and then when it gets removed, they have very little damage. >> for me as a gardener and having to stay here and work after they leave, i am more than happy when i see their greening team come through and green everything up. >> we have given them pieces that they can use, and pieces that they can't use. so we are allowing them, again, because we have irrigation in the ground so they can use, and if they put up a tent they can stake a tent in some places, they can't stake a tent in other places. so we are protecting the golden gate park asset. >> so what is really special about the partnership i
, wake up. what is wrong with this picture? you give us two minutes to speak, and it is like, yeah you can speak for two minutes, but what happened? two minutes, that is it. what about the issues? >> what about the pain? what about the suffering freaked out and... >> there goes that bell again, is that me? my time is up again? two minutes? what is wrong with this picture. come on you guys, do something. thank you. >> okay. we are moving on now to item k, advisory committee reports and appointments. >> i am sorry, i explained at the beginning of the meeting that we will accept speaker cards before an item is called. and now we are now moving on to our next item in the meeting. >> dr. jackson, thank you very much. >> yes, i do know that you are dr. jackson. i am very sorry, but i did read out the rules at the beginning of the meeting and those are the rules. >> i am going to move on to our next item now. >> i am going to move on to the next item. >> okay. i am going to recess the meeting everybody. and when the public is calm again, we will resume.recess th regular board and convene as t
. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> mr. president, you have a quorum and also with us this evening is the chief of police gregory p. sur and the director of the office of citizens complaints joyce higgs. >> thank you very much. welcome to the february 6, 2013 san francisco police commission meeting. we have an agenda tonight with the presentation regarding our officer involved shooting protocol and investigations. and we have no disciplinary matters or personnel matters so it should be relatively smooth agenda. so, please call line item number 1. >> line item 1, general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding item that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police nor occ personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public, but
like to thank from the controller's office, we have with us today jennifer de sota, if i could have her stand. she will be working on your recently adopted assurance policy. i want to thank the controller's office. jennifer here as well, to hear your direct comments and hear your direct feedback that you may have. in your packet, our budget summaries, our capital budget, all of our financial plan and capital plan updates, what we're doing over the next 24 months as you hear every two weeks when you're in this meeting, and then how we're keeping rates affordable for our rate payers in particular. the key changes and updates here is that the budget was already approved by you and board of supervisors and the mayor's office. it was approved as a two-year budget. so, there's only small adjustments needed effective july 1st. our focus has been with direction from the general manager to keep rates as affordable as possible and, so, we've done that in the water department by rolling through the successful bond results that mr. jensen mentioned with the early repayment by the wholesale customer
't get this impression from you but there seems to be an impression in the community that people are use drugs and alcohol are inherently incapable of being responsible people and i want to make sure you are dispelling that in some ways when you put together these programs and not all people that drink do it to excess and they can still manage lives quite well. i know that there's an organization in the city called the drug users union which is trying to communicate and educate the public that not people that use drugs are bad and drugs are not all bad and drinking alcohol and there is a difference in the statements, so if that could somewhat -- >> sure. i would love to go on the record from that. first of all from a important -- personal experience i grew up in new york and my grandmother was billy holiday and was on trial for an arrest and at that time you couldn't perform in a night club without this and she couldn't work and she grew up a block from me and she was -- actually 93rd street. i'm sorry. i was a baby. and she came to our house everyday and my dad coauthored "lady si
windows and i don't know if was used for a hot tub or what have you, but the permit came in and kind of very neatly added a roof on the structure and closing it and incorporating it into the building envelope. that wouldn't have been allowed under the planning code. one problem there are no existing or proposed plans. what we have here are proposed plans that have a little bit of dash lines underneath of what was there and it wasn't very clear. typically we will get one existing version, one proposed version. we can clearly compare the two so that is one of the problems here with this permit so that's the january permit that is problematic with that, and they did resolve it later on with one of the permits on appeal later on, but that is a problem with this permit. the next permit which was the march permit they added a garage in there. there are a couple of problems with this. first the excavation required environmental review and i don't see evidence of that and i apologize i had a brief conversation with the architect and i went over some of the issues and this one i didn't
that calls for the did i tension of u.s. citizens. membrane introduce myself i'm bill i'm a japanese american and for justice. during world war ii my family was removed due to executive order from 70 near the racetrack to end up on the indian reservation land. my - we ended up there because he had no trial, nor faced any charges wisp simply found guilty because of our race. my father lost his provides business and truck. and due to antijapanese people in san francisco we couldn't find a lawyer to defend him. he received no help from any community. i was born in the reservation and suffered skin rashes. individuals suffered because of the living arrangements and also from mental breakdowns. i could go on and on about the legacy of that camp and survivors but i ask that you repeal the support of this resolution. >> thank you. next speaker >> guilty of negligence supervisors it's an honor to be here. i'm a resident in the mission district and supervisor campos is my supervisor. i was glad to hear about the resolution about bikes today. a couple of years ago i was in an area and it was worked o
? and therefore, you know, use more city resources, for purposes of advancing the interest of permit holder that i believe has done some things that are unseemly. >> i understand your concern, i share those concerns as well. and you know i was surprised by what i saw at the sight today and however i feel that this is the best resolution for all parties, moving forward for the appellant and for the permit holder for the city that this is the best way to insure that we are going to get a project that will comply with the project of the planning code. >> the next thing that i wanted to mention is that if so the next meeting that we have on the calendar is the 20th and if you believe that all parties can deliver and there is not going to be any kind of a problem in delivering, you know, said documents, to each other, timely, enough time to review, the next meeting that we have is march sixth and so if you are going to undertake this ambitious time line, it would behoov you do do it so that it happens on the 20th, rather than the 26th. >> one discussion that we had outside is that the day before we are
and keeping in the language with prop i said it would use the sale of the parcels. in this agreement it was also state that the remaining funds after all the transportation enhancements were done the rest of the money would go to other projects. along market street with all the new housing being built we're not accurately providing with the muni system. our muni system can't handle the new demands from this housing development. we need more funds for our declining transportation infrastructure. in connection with this hearing supervisor and i will be talking with the housing community in hopes of finding a resolution some type of middle ground so we can move past this dispute. i also have two tragic stories. we had an individual pass away at the age of 99. she was the highest
. >> revolting this moment. one billion rising. let us move and thank you so much for being here and supporting the movement. (applause) we will be dancing this is but some people will not and cannot dance so would you be so kind to open up the stage for this to fill up.? more space again, you can go all the way to the street. [inaudible] gather around ... we need more space on this side ... (music ...)y?ño
and the first african american superintendent until 2007. she came to us during an unsettled time in history and spent years cleaning up our financial weaknesses uncovering problems with our systems and strengthens our administrative infrastructure. i have a photo in my office of her and then general counsel that i refer to as the $53 million photo. it was taken right after we found out that we would be receiving a $53 in restitution and rewards related to our building systems lawsuit settlement. we were able to redo all of the internal systems that had been ineffectively installed. caused by the demise of the company and used that to avoid any layoffs that year. during her time we were one of the five finalists in the 2005 prize for education receiving $100,000 for students scholarships, in 2004, we became the highest achieving urban school system in california as we have been ever since. superintendent included the development of the stars, the student and teachers achieving results program that reorganized the district more equality to oefp most challenged schools. we developed and implem
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